inner critic

What You Really Should Know About Your Body Image

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Let’s talk about body shape and why we’re so obsessed with it!  We now live in a time where different body shapes are far more widely accepted. And yet, as…

Expert Style

5 Style Hacks for Looking Like an Expert

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I can still vividly remember the first time I met my boss at Harrods.  I’m sure I’d be forgiven if I said it was her slight Miranda Priestly’esque vibe that…

The Secret to Career Success: How an Influential Personal Brand Can Propel You to New Heights

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I want to talk to you about something that’s near and dear to my heart when it comes to business, and that is personal branding. In this fast-paced, digital world…

Signature Five - Power Casual Style

Power Casual Style: The new way of dressing for high-achieving women

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The way we dress has changed considerably over the past couple of years, and with so many of us working from home, comfort became our priority, while fashion took a…

How to Stay Warm & Stylish This Winter

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You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that energy prices have skyrocketed, and people are tightening their belts (metaphorically speaking) this winter. As many corporations look…

5 Tips for Creating an Influential Style

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We all know that first impressions count. But what you may not know is that your personal style can have a huge impact on your career.  According to Esquire magazine,…


Your family should not be your first priority!

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When you read the headline to this blog did you gasp, raise your eyebrows, and think, “How could she say such a terrible thing!” Well, keep reading and I’ll explain……


Style Doesn’t Start with your Clothes

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Let me ask you something…  What do you do when you start getting bored of wearing the clothes in your wardrobe?  Or you don’t like the way your clothes look…


Confidence: It’s an Inside AND an Outside Job!

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One of my core beliefs is that true confidence can only be achieved when we work on the inside and the outside of ourselves. These two things are completely interconnected…

midi dress

Midi Dress Magic

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Last weekend it felt like summer had officially started, so my family and I decided to head off to our local badi (public swimming area). It appeared that everyone in…


The Power of a Professional

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The following is a blog post written by my client Ilana Jankowitz. Ilana shares from her heart about her experience of working with me and the positive impact it’s had…

weight gain

How to Feel Confident After Weight Gain

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I’ve noticed that over the last year my weight keeps fluctuating, and every time it goes up my confidence takes a bit of a knock. It would be super easy…

style sabotage

Are You Sabotaging Your Style?

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Getting up and dressed is something we do every day, so we’d be forgiven for assuming that it should automatically be easy. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few that…

Christmas Partywear

Finding Your Dressing Up Mojo

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Last weekend I was in town shopping for a client who was going to be on CNN news and urgently needed something to wear.  The weather was gorgeous, and as…


The Style and Identity Connection

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Have you ever thought about the message your clothes are conveying and the stories you’re telling with your current style? There’s so much available to us now with endless choices…

Common colour questions

Common colour questions answered

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As a Personal Stylist I find myself answering a lot of the same colour questions when I’m working with clients. And that got me thinking. If most of my clients…


The Power of Coaching

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So often people go into the coaching relationship with a whole load of expectations that the coach will do all of the work for them, and that they in turn…

curating wardrobe

Top Tips for Curating & Styling a Wardrobe You Love

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the very gorgeous Helena Zachariassen from My Happy Home here in Zurich. Helena is a KonMari Consultant and Life Coach and…

wardrobe detox

Decluttering Your Wardrobe Isn’t The First Step

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Many stylists (me included) often talk about a wardrobe detox being the first activity we do with our clients. But it’s recently occurred to me that I actually need to…

Shopping Online

Shopping Online Like A Pro

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There’s an art to shopping online successfully. With physical shops closed for the majority of us, it’s an art that’s well worth mastering. Do you ever find when you come…

working from home

Perfecting Your Working from Home Style

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When you’re working from home, do you have your video on or off when you have a work call? I personally believe that for business calls, best practise is to…

inner critic

Oh My God You Can’t Wear That!

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“No seriously, you cannot wear that! I mean, who do you think you are? You look ridiculous. You’re way too young/ old/ fat/ thin/ short/ tall…” Blah, blah, blah! Let’s be…

Add more colour

How to add more colour into your wardrobe

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Quite often at this time of year we instinctively opt for a darker colour palette or earthy tones with our clothes. But here’s a fun fact for you, wearing colour…

winter layers

Tips for Winter Layering

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I was recently asked on Instagram about winter layering and how to layer-up without looking like a Michelin man! So, I thought I’d answer that question in a blog. I…

Pink Colour Shirt

Colour is Your Superpower

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When I first started Signature Five, I had no intention of also being a colour consultant. My mission was to help professional women find their Signature Style, love their clothes…

style and confidence

The Style & Confidence Connection

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There’s no getting away from the fact that style and confidence go hand in hand. I’ve always thought that an interesting test of how confident you’re feeling about your self-image,…

Expert Style

Why Owning Your Style Matters

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I know there are some people who think there’s no need to spend time on what we wear. For many it’s actually perceived as frivolous. But I believe owning your style…

Shopping Online

How to Look Effortlessly Stylish

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Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Wow, I love her style!” But when you recreate it yourself it just doesn’t quite look as stylish? What makes someone have…

Signature Style

How do You Create a Signature Style?

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Do you know why the likes of Amal Clooney, Meghan Markle and Katie Holmes all look amazing? Ok yes, they might have a brilliant stylist, but if you look carefully you’ll…

working from home

Groom to Zoom: 4 Ways to Ensure You’re Not Just a Square on a Screen

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Hands up if your new norm includes spending a lot of your day on Zoom or some other video tech program? Yep, me too! We’d like to think when it…

style sabotage

How to Personalise Your Wardrobe ‘Must-Haves’

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So many of us think we need to have new clothes every season. Magazines, blogs and social media tell us about the ‘10 essential must-haves in your wardrobe’. ‘Must-have summer…

Why Embracing My Body Has Been A Challenge?

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I’ve been pondering writing this blog for a while but have held off announcing so publicly that there’s a big change happening, while I continue ‘business as normal’.    If you…

How To Be More Environmentally Friendly With Your Clothes

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The impact we’re having on our environment is definitely a hot topic at the moment. As consumers we are becoming more aware of the environmental effect of our behaviour and…

style and confidence

Why Your Style is Stuck (and How to Change it in 2020)

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There are a million and one reasons why your style might be stuck right now. But knowing what to do to change it, isn’t always easy!  I find a helpful…


An Interview with Mindset Money Coach Ilana Jankowitz

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Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner. She’s the founder of Mindful Money Coaching and helps women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician…

What to Wear on a Winter Holiday

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What to wear on a winter holiday that ticks all the stylish, chic and festive boxes can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge.  For the first time ever,…

How to Dress With Confidence & Style

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Clothes that flatter and make you feel fabulous, help to tell a story about your personality and the lifestyle you lead. However, putting together a look that conveys confidence and…

Christmas Partywear

Fashion That’s Not Just for Christmas!

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This time of year can often be the busiest for Stylists, as we play Fairy Godmother to all the Cinderellas attending galas, parties, balls, and all things festive. Trust me,…

A Guide to Winter Layering

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As winter is fast approaching, it’s time to dig out our coats and boots and get all snuggly with the clothes in our wardrobes. For many though, dressing for winter…

Five Tips for Finding Your Best Jeans

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Five Tips for Finding Your Best Jeans When you find the jean of your dreams, you’ll know it. You’ll look in the dressing room mirror and think to yourself, “Wow,…

wardrobe detox

The Power of Letting Go

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I’m sure many of you can relate to the experience of waking up in the morning, opening your wardrobe doors and groaning at the all too familiar sight that greets…

Dress for the Body You Have Now

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All too often I hear women complaining about their bodies, and using all of the negative things they see as obstacles to dressing in a way that they truly desire….

The Right Footwear for This Fall

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One of the questions I’m asked frequently is, “What shoes do I need?” I love this question as I can’t emphasise enough shoes are such an important part of an…

Five Trends You Can Wear all Year Round

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The two seasons in fashion can often appear so distinctly different that it feels hard to know how to transition from one to the other with ease. One week we’re…

Why What You Wear Matters

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When people find out I’m a stylist, they either ask, “So what would you recommend I wear?” or they tell me, “I don’t really pay much attention to my clothes,…

What to Wear on the Beach?

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During the summer months, going on a beach holiday can stir up all sorts of anxiety about our bodies, and dread about revealing ourselves to the world in a swimsuit…

The “How”, “What” and “Why” of Packing Your Travel Makeup Bag

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Although not all trips are created equal and there are many factors that come into play when packing your luggage, there are several tried and true tips that I’ve accumulated…

Packing Made Easy

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Let’s set the scene… With only a week to go until your greatly anticipated holiday, you can barely contain your excitement as you count down the days! As you busy…

London Private Shopping Event

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Have you ever dreamt of being pampered and groomed in one of the world’s leading fashion cities by your very own personal stylist? Imagine having a wardrobe that you love,…

working from home

Has it been that long?

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Do you know this feeling that you want to do something and you say to yourself, ok tomorrow I’m going to start and then tomorrow comes… and you don’t start!! …

My Story

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London to Zurich From catwalks, photoshoots and model fittings to determining what women should be wearing across the world, for ten years I worked at the heart of London’s fashion…

My Signature Style

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Keeping up with current trends, latest fashion or the next beauty rage can be slightly exhausting at times. I, of all people, love browsing through fashion magazines, visiting stores and…